Straight Half Head Wig

Available Colours

6 Chocolate Brown
12 Golden Brown
118 Burgundy
8 Chestnut Brown
24/613 Light Golden Blonde
613 Pure Blonde
1B Off Black
60 Bleach Blonde
27/613 Honey Blonde
18/613 Champagne Blonde
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Our half head wigs are made of our top quality synthetic hair fibre and are reversible, allowing you to wear them in either a straight or flicky look.

They are ideal for ladies with short hair that want a long hair look, as well as adding volume and length for a special occasion, and are very easy to wear as they allow you to keep your own hairline at the front, framing your face with your own hair. The wig sits from the crown of your head to the nape of your neck and is attached to your own hair, which is then tucked inside it. You use the hair at the front to blend and cover the half wig.

Our half head wigs are 26 inches long on straight side and 28 inches long on flicky side, weigh 320 grams and are made with our revolutionary new synthetic hair fibre, which looks and feels just like human hair.

Because all our half head wigs are already pre-styled, we do not recommend using heat on the hair in order to straighten or curl.