Long Straight Ponytail

Available Colours

1 Jet Black
4 Dark Brown
6 Chocolate Brown
8 Chestnut Brown
12 Golden Brown
18/613 Champagne Blonde
27/613 Honey Blonde
60 Bleach Blonde
118 Burgundy
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Our long straight ponytail extension is made with our revolutionary new synthetic hair fibre, which looks and feels just like human hair. This extension comes in one tie-on piece, 22 inches long, very easy to use, making it exceptional for creating a sleek, glamorous look with minimal effort.

To use the ponytail extension, simply tie your own hair in a bun at the height you wish the ponytail to sit, then add the ponytail extension over your bun and tighten the string. You can then hide the string inside the ponytail or simply use a hair grip to secure it underneath the ponytail.

Tip: make sure to use a thin, yet strong elastic band to ensure your hair stays securely in place.