Available Colours

1 Jet Black
2 Raven
4 Dark Brown
27/613 Honey Blonde
24/613 Light Golden Blonde
18/613 Champagne Blonde
613 Pure Blonde
60 Bleach Blonde
18/24 Caramel Blonde
6 Chocolate Brown
8 Chestnut Brown
12 Golden Brown
18H24 Harvest Blonde
118 Burgundy
611 Golden Blonde
4/27 Dark Brown & Caramel
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Scrunchies are an easy and fast solution when you don't have time to spend on your hair. Lots of long, wavy locks set on an elastic band allow you to make a quick up-do by simply wrapping it around your own hair.

Our scrunchies weigh 50 grams and the hair is approximately 7 inches long.