1 Piece Highlighted Curly extension

Available Colours

27/30H Toffee Brown
18/613H Champagne Blonde
26/613H Golden Beige Blonde
8/26H Blondette
26/30/613 Mellow Brown
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Our 1 piece highlighted curly hair extension is made with our revolutionary new synthetic hair fibre, which looks and feels just like human hair. This extension comes in one weft of hair that clips in from ear to ear, making it exceptional for adding length and volume to your own hair style.

The 1 piece highlighted curly extension can also be straightened and re-curled, up to a temperature of 160 degrees*, allowing you to adapt your extension to the style you desire. 

It is 20 inch long, weighs 200 grams, is approximately 28 cm in width and comes with 4 clips sown in per piece.

*For instructions on how to curl or straighten our hair please watch video and follow specific instructions, to prevent damage to hair.