Sale Fringes

Available Colours

60 Bleach Blonde
613 Pure Blonde
16/613 California Blonde
614H21 Light Blonde
24/613 Light Golden Blonde
611KB88 Golden Blonde
18/24 Caramel Blonde
18/613 Champagne Blonde
27/613 Honey Blonde
18/22 Ash Blonde
26/30 Mix Auburn
2/30 Warm Brunette
12 Golden Brown
8 Chestnut
6 Chocolate Brown
4 Dark Brown
2 Raven
1B Natural Black
1 Jet Black
99J Plum
118 Burgundy
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Clip-on fringes with side bangs, were £12.99, now on sale for £5.99

Fringes have one clip that secures them in place at the top of your head, can be blended in using your own hair or accessorised with a headband or a scarf.